We should agree that at one point both designers and freelances lacked at least once a client. Well, this cases shouldn’t scare anyone even the best designers lacked clients at one point in their careers. Any designer should know that no work is equivalent if you don’t have the money to pay your bills. Make use of the available marketplaces to sell your logo designs templates so that you won’t run out of cash.

There’s a lot of competition in the marketplaces, and so you have to provide quality work for your logo design to be bought. The quicker your logo design template is sold, the better for you as the designer. Let’s look at some of the marketplaces that you can sell your logo design templates.


Brand Crowd is a popular marketplace, but in this market, you only get to upload logo design templates that are of high quality. The logo templates uploaded in this marketplace are all beautiful, and you can sell a single logo design template for up to 1000$.


99 designs are popularly known for being a logo competition marketplace. In this platform, some designers “fight” among each other to see who will win and sell the template to the client. The sad thing is that there will only be one winner who will win the prize. The cool logos that weren’t bought by clients can be sold through the 99 logo store. Each logo templates costs 99$.


Some people say that numbers have no relevance, but that’s not the case with the stock logos market. Stock Logos consists of more than 81000 members,50000 logos and the amount of money that has been transacted equals 1,300,000$. So if you are a designer and you want to sell your logo templates hurry up and join this marketplace.

Identity crowd

Identity crowd is a marketplace where designers get the chance of selling their logo templates to potential clients. The minimum price that you can sell your logo template is 100$, but the website owner takes a commission of 35% of the money gotten after selling the logo.


The design on clock isn’t as popular as the other websites. But that doesn’t mean that a quality logo template won’t be bought. It also has tournaments that you can decide to participate in and win awards.


Now that you are aware of the available marketplaces to sell your logo templates, you can choose any of them to sell your logo templates and make some money.


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