Do you have a brand or a logo for your organization or your small business? Creating a memorable brand and a logo is a sure way of ensuring that your organization stands out among your clients and other business competitors. Brand awareness or brand recognition is the crucial factor that will determine whether you win business in the online platform or when creating a fan base. It assists your customers in remembering your brand and even spread news about it through word of mouth. If you haven’t put much effort into creating a strong logo and brand for your business, here are some tips that you can use.

Develop a persona or a brand identity

The first process in creating a good brand for your organization is by first developing a persona or a brand identity. What kind of feeling or image would you want your customers to associate your brand with? Would you want your brand to be positive, have an uplifting personality, assertive or a forceful one?

The personality or persona that you will choose for your business make sure that it is constant. Ensure that you display that persona in your brand marketing, communications be it on social media, email marketing or even on one on one while talking to your clients. Doing all these will create a strong personality for your brand making it not easily forgettable to your clients.

Creating a logo for your brand

After you have already established the personality for your brand the next step is for you to create an excellent logo for that brand. Logos are essential as they enhance the recognition of your brand. It’s important to put some extra effort when designing a logo for your brand. The right logo acts as an investment in your organization or small business.

When you are picking a logo make sure that you select a logo that matches your brand persona. Also, put into consideration the type of colors that you want for your brand.

Developing a brand voice

After you are through with creating your brand persona and logo for your organization, don’t forget to build a brand voice that will match with your website image. The brand voice should be used in all the online platforms and online marketing channels.


By continually using the same brand voice and brand persona. Customers and your fans will quickly recognize your sites logo and brand. This will help in the long-term growth of your business.


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