It has been proven that human beings tend to remember things they have seen than what they read or write. We can then say that your business can be expanded if a lot of people recognized your brand. By creating a logo for your business, you will increase the chances of your business being identified out there. You can hire a designer to design a logo for your company, or you can use the websites to create and download logos for free. Let’s look at some of the sites that you can download a logo for free.

Logo genie free logo download

Logo genie is a popular website that is used for creating great logos online. It’s user-friendly, and it has an interface that’s quite easy to use. The first step is to fill in your business or company name, and you will see all the available logos which are ready for use.

Once you have selected the logo that you want, you can change it so that it can fit the requirements that you want.   After you are satisfied with its appearance, you can download it.

Logo garden free logo download

You can make stunning logos using the DY editor of Logo Garden. The site also offers special symbol effects as well as metallic finish effects. These effects provide a fantastic user experience along with effects like shadow, shine and reflect distress. Using symbol effects such as medals and trophies enhance the look of your logo giving it an impressive look. After you are happy with the design of the logo you can register, then you will get a link for downloading your logo.

Logo design image free logo download

 This site provides fewer options as compared to the other websites that offer editors for designing logos. This site provides only a few logo images on one page, so you need to flip on other pages to look for logos continually.

Despite the site having limited options, it can be useful for users who don’t want to use rotation, alignments, or other options and wants to pick a logo quickly. Once you are through with creating your logo, you can then download it without registering.


These sites are the best if you are looking for free websites for creating and downloading your logo. After you create your logo, you only need to download it and register for the sites that require registration.